A guiding principle of my therapeutic philosophy is an aspiration to assist and guide in clearing the emotional clutter that affects your sense of personal power, so that you can be the author of your own life. You accomplish this by increasing your ability to make life choices freely and without conflict based on self awareness and wisdom. I facilitate this process as your therapist through using techniques such as open, honest, engaged listening and feedback and support. Our unique and valuable connection in the working relationship will be the greatest source of healing and guided insight into whatever issues are bringing you to therapy. I feel these issues are best addressed in an empathic environment that places focus on empowering you, the client and using your strengths to build self-agency and insight.

In over 8 years of clinical practice I’ve worked with clients to work through life events such as divorce, traumatic loss and grief, anxiety and depression, work related stress, and other difficulties that can emerge in the course of life. I focus on processing interpersonal stress and work on increasing coping skills and natural support systems so that in addition to symptom relief, you’re able to grow in the capacity to work through challenges efficiently and successfully on your own into the future, so that after the therapy concludes you can continue living the life you want with good coping abilities and a strong sense of your authentic self.

Lynn J. Walsh MS LLP

Please feel free to reach out to me at Lynn@drstephaniewilliams.net ,  I will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. I currently see patients in my office in Royal Oak and accept the following insurance:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Blue Cross Complete


Private Pay


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